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Traci Johnson

Traci Johnson, a native of Brooklyn, New York, is an artist whose creative journey is an exploration of textile design, installation, and sculpture. Their profound artistic vision has graced the walls of numerous prestigious galleries.


A distinguished graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology, Traci majored in Fine Arts with a minor in Art History, acquiring a deep and diverse foundation that enriches their artistic expression. Their work is a testament to the intersection of mental health, art, and the therapeutic facets of fashion subcultures. Through their art, Traci shapes a nurturing sanctuary for themselves and their audience, a safe space in which emotions can freely unfold.


Traci's inspiration flows from a profound connection to the human experience, particularly the soothing of the mind, soul, and body amidst life's trials. As they discover personal paths to comfort, their art takes on a tranquil, euphoric quality, inviting viewers to share in this therapeutic voyage. Traci boldly infuses their own essence into their creations, aiming to evoke feelings of euphoria and vibrancy through the harmonious interplay of colors and forms.


Nature's influence is deeply rooted in Traci's artistry, mirroring the organic growth and branching out seen throughout the natural world. This fluidity and adaptability are evident in their work, offering a serene reflection of the interconnectedness between humanity and nature.


Grateful for the artistic outlet that allows them to express their inner world, Traci remains committed to sharing their art with the world, touching hearts and minds with the transformative power of their work.

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