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Jacob Hess

Jacob Hess is a self taught contemporary artist who's work intricately merges different textures, mediums, and concepts while playing with figurative and abstract styles.


Hess' work distinguishes itself by using distinct color palettes that gives his work a sense of movement and personality. He consistently uses broken sheetrock and cuts every inch of his work to give a sense of permanence and leaves the door open for human error. He uses different materials and techniques on every individual piece to signify a single moment that ends up contributing to the final result. Jacob does this to represent the perfection in the imperfections of people and the world.


His work is inspired by the importance of mental health and managing the things we go through and learning to understand and grow from these experiences. He achieves this with a collection of shapes, lines and breaks that have to work as one to co exists and work together. The works aim to show his vision of breaking through the dark times we all experience through his distinct look that displays the influence of artists like Frank Stella and Kandinsky.

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