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Jack Florczyk

Jack Florczyk is an American figurative painter living and working in Brooklyn, NY. As a self-taught artist, Jack has developed his style of painting through non-traditional means. By maintaining an insatiable appetite for art history and an overwhelming curiosity for experimentation of mediums, applications, and techniques, Jack creates paintings that are uniquely his.


Working primarily with acrylic paint, Jack’s work is described as figurative expressionism. Communicated through his collage-like painting style, Jack uses the figure as a means of expression and as a vessel to tell a story. His work explores themes of identity, its relationship with time, and the different perspectives that exist among us as people. Drawing upon his own experiences, Jack’s work is a beautiful representation of the uniqueness that makes us human.


Jack has exhibited in numerous group and solo exhibitions throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn, New Jersey, and Miami.

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