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Dwight White

Dwight White discovered the intersection of consumer insights, sport and artistic experiences while attending Northwestern University as a student-athlete. Nuanced Black Human behavior and personal experiences are prevalent subjects throughout his work.


White is a multi-disciplinary creative, with ideas and strategy that originate by thoroughly understanding how consumers think and make decisions in regards to brands, products and the arts. He utilizes insights to inspire, innovate and explore relevant material with culture through creativity. He has worked to build strategies for growth with organizations across industries by understanding complex societal structures and current behaviors of consumers.


With a background in Marketing and Consumer Insights, White has been inspired by the ways in which one can capture truth visually to engage and connect with the people. He loves the challenge of taking the consumer beyond just seeing the art - he believes they should feel it. His confidence and commitment to his craft is inspiring as he embraces his function in society to document the history of connected cultural experiences through art.

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