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Dan Tanenbaum

Dan Tanenbaum has perfected the art of using vintage watch parts to create one-of-a-kind encrusted sculptures. Though his pieces initially took the shape of miniature motorcycles, as his moniker ‘WatchPartsMotorcycles’ suggests, Tanenbaum’s use of the medium has evolved over the years to gild a multitude of recognizable objects as well as some of Pop Culture’s favourite subjects. From animal skulls, Air Jordan sneakers, to his KAWGS series, each watch-part rendition presents a thrilling juxtaposition of old-world meticulousness and engineering with a contemporary and lighthearted twist.


WatchPartsMotorcycles artworks are often inspired by the structural base selected to create them. Using found objects such as figurines, toys and apparel, the shape of each sculpture is established then defined by Tanenbaum’s distinctive styling of an intricate mosaic-like application of watch parts. Considering the changing contours of each surface and the diminutive scale of his materials, Tanenbaum’s creative mastery is truly remarkable.

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