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Chuck Styles

Chuck Styles is a Philadelphia Based Visual Artist and Creative Director whose works have engaged and captivated many audiences across genres around the world. Touching on subjects in music, sports, black culture, gaming, and cinema, Chuck's work have gained collectors and supporters within the United States and abroad.


Styles’ work consists of both traditional acrylic on canvas and digital paintings created on Apple's IPad. His artworks are very rich in color and culture as he uses portraits and bold abstract elements to bring a lot of energy to the viewing experience. Styles is primarily self taught with some formal art education at Art Institute of Philadelphia from his time there in 2007 to 2009. Like many artists trying to find their voice, Styles struggled with carving out his artistic identity and name while also barbering full time. After showcasing in Miami with Cadillac for Art Basel Weekend in 2016, Chuck's pursuit to make an art name for himself was heightened.


While his desire to create extravagant and limited high ticket works is still present, he is more driven to create artworks that everyone can enjoy and share through his approach of "prints for his people". Styles continues to push his creativity in a variety of mediums such as acrylic, digital, and multimedia. His work has been seen in partnership with Vice President Kamala Harris, EA MADDEN23, TOPPS, BET, HBO, NASCAR, MARVEL, Chicago Bulls, White Sox, and more! Styles continues to use his platform to highlight culture, bring people together and celebrate life in sports, entertainment through art.

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