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Chris Clark

“I don’t want my art to just be seen, I want it to be experienced." Chris' focus is to successfully convey a message or feeling through the images, colors, and brushstrokes in his work. He likes to speak from his personal life experiences from his perspective as a young black male in America.


Chris' aim is to explore social issues, culture, and history of the black community in the diaspora and abroad. His style is more graphic than realistic. Chris believes this makes the work easier for younger audiences to digest and also so that the viewer is focusing more on the content rather than just what the piece looks like.


Reflecting the human figure is very powerful to him, which is why he chooses to tell his stories through portraiture and figurative works. Chris wants to create art that the viewer connects with on a personal level. He want them to be able to see themselves, their friends, and their family in his work. By telling his story Chris wants to help the viewer rediscover theirs.

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