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Ben Hazlerig

Ben Hazlerig, aka Ink & Americana, is a second-generation artist. As a child, his father (an amazing 3-dimensional artist) shared his work and process with him when he would sneak into his studio. He thought it was cool. He didn't think much of it at the time though, because he didn't have plans to become an artist back then.


Fast forward a few decades (without doing any art) and the creative bug started tapping Ben on the shoulder. In 2020, while in "lock down" Ben was inspired to create something. His original idea was to turn traditional tattoo designs into wood art. The bold line work, bright colors, and underlying meaning behind the designs seemed like the perfect combination for making bright artwork that connected with people in a different way.


Over the past two years, Ben has been able to take that original inspiration (mixed with lessons that he didn't even know he remembered) and have let the possibilities run wild. Wanting to connect with fellow lovers of life, Ben’s enjoyed revisiting the Movies, Songs, and Artists who have entertained and inspired him throughout his life. Ben is all about celebrating those who have enriched our culture and let their colors shine.

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